Additional Marketing Services

Surveys & Questionnaires

Create any type of survey for customers or internal staff to complete. These surveys or questionnaires can be deployed on social media, a website or as a direct link from any website, email, text message, etc. We can also create QR codes that are easily scanned from a website or any printed media by using a smart phone camera. See examples below.

1. Using QR Codesuse your smart phone camera to focus on any of the QR codes below and follow on-screen prompts

2. Using A Widget Installed On Your Websiteclick the ‘Restaurant Survey’ blue widget on left bottom of screen

3. Using A Button or Link Installed On Your Websiteclick a button below or this link

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Scratch Cards

Create scratch cards to engage with customers and generate leads on social media or from visitors to your website. 

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Animated presenters

Our animated presenters can be used to highlight or explain any aspect of your website or product. Special offers or simply directions on how to purchase can be presented by out avatars who are available in different languages, sexes, voices and personalities.

Check out some of the examples attached to the buttons below.

opens in a new browser window

opens in a new browser window

opens in a new browser window

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Rewards & Gift Cards

Create REWARDS for your customers allowing them to collect loyalty points with each purchase to redeem a reward.

Repeat customers are much more cost effective to market to than new customers. A compelling rewards system will not only build long term customers and increased sales, but also result in referrals to further grow your client base and revenues. For example, on the add to cart page, a rewards offer is presented to customers as shown below… * This is just a demo. Rewards below are not redeemable. The QR code example below could be placed on any ‘Thank You page’ after an online purchase or printed out and offered to the customer by staff to scan in-store using their phone.

Our QR Code reward system allows customers to simply hover their phone camera over the code to scan and redeem their reward after they have made a purchase.

We can create instant rewards or accumulated point rewards as needed. We have security features to help prevent abuse or unauthorized redeeming of points. Customers joining your rewards program are automatically added to your autoresponder of choice and can be emailed future promotions. Customers will receive automated updates on their points and redeeming instructions.  Store owners can receive notification emails too when rewards are redeemed.

Create and sell GIFT CARDS from your web store or from a web link.

We create customized gift cards branded for your business with multiple value options as shown in the example below. Online payment integration is included. Customers purchasing gift cards are automatically added to your autoresponder of choice and can be emailed future promotions. * This is just a demo gift card. You will not be billed if you test it and the gift card is not valid for any purchases.