Shopping Carts & Payment processing Integrations


We provide online shopping carts for all types of business with customized layouts ranging from traditional grid styles  similar to an Amazon store layout as well as more customized layouts including pricing or comparison tables.

Our Virtual 360 Stores present a new format where visitors can experience your store in a virtual tour and purchase from within the tour with built in shopping carts and payment processing.

We offer cart solutions in either a Basic Package or Pro package  depending on the complexity required.


We provide secure online payment integrations for all major credit cards through STRIPE and PayPal.

Our Stripe integrations include ApplePay and GooglePay options. We also provide automatic recurring payments for subscription plans with the option for a one – time setup cost on the first payment through STRIPE.

For Canadian businesses we also offer Moneris payment integration for accepting all major credit and debit cards.

If you require any other payment integrations, we will assess and try to accommodate you if feasible. 

Rather than presenting products in a grid type format conducive to a ‘window shopping’ or browsing experience, a shopping cart funnel focuses on a single product page with no distractions from other similar or competing products which could distract the buyer and lead to indecision and ‘more thought’ which leads to ‘no sale’.

By creating a sales funnel, all the content on the sales page is focussed on a single product and only after the product has been purchased, is another closely related product or an upgraded version of the same product presented as an upsell. With the customer already in buying mode and seeing the benefits of adding to the product they just purchased, it is ‘only logical’ to add the upsell product to their purchase.

Multiple related products that enhance the initial product purchased may be presented as upsells or downsells in the funnel which leads to multiple sales rather than just the one product sale.

Typically, the initial front end product can be made very attractive with a large discount offer or extra bonuses, with the real profits coming from the upsells that follow in the funnel once they have taken out their credit card to make the initial purchase.

Our Funnel Modelling package checkout process is a real example of a shopping cart sales funnel with a front end product and upsell options after initial purchase.  Demo 2 below is a demo example of a health supplement product with upsells.

Pricing tables are a great way of presenting variations on a single product or package deals for comparative decisions when it comes time to make a purchase.

Clearly indicate the differences between package offers or product variations with buy buttons attached to each option.

See an example here.

Shopping grids are typical store product pages arranged in various grid pattern options similar to Amazon.

These shopping pages are great for browsing  through products and are typically arranged in categories. Ideal for when when you have a large product range. 

Once you select a product, you typically move to a more detailed product page showing features and benefits as well as the all important buy button.

For a working example, see our shopping page here. For a demo version check out out demo store here.