Sales Funnels

Viral Funnels

Viral funnels are sales funnels that offer a lead magnet on the landing page (Squeeeze Page) in exchange for the visitor’s name and email address. Once they provide their name and email, they are ‘subscribed to your list’ and recorded in your autoresponder. 

Next, they are redirected to your ‘Thank You Page’ where they are provided with their access details to the lead magnet (reward).

What makes this funnel different and ‘viral’ is that they are presented with the opportunity to get another reward if they share the funnel link with their friends or people they know through social media or a number of methods that you specify. They already have x number of points for subscribing to your list and for a few extra points they can get another reward in exchange.

These funnels provide the opportunity to get many more leads through referrals (very cost effectively – simply the cost of your giveaway) which are normally much high converting than ‘cold’ traffic generated from ads as they are referred by someone they already know and is vouching for you.

Check out an example below and feel free to enter your details and claim the rewards! We will not email you as this is a demo 🙂 but you will be able to get the rewards!